Washington Post Job Website Hacked

The Washington
has reported an unauthorized third party attacked their Jobs website,
and the result is an astounding 1.27 million user IDs and e-mail addresses were
impacted. No passwords or other personal information was impacted.

The attack happened once on June 27 and once on June 28. The
Washington Post is taking the attack very seriously, shutting the attack down
as soon as it was noticed, as well as implementing additional measures to
prevent against similar attacks in the future. Law enforcement has been

The users whose e-mail addresses were impacted risk receiving
an increased amount of SPAM in their inbox. If you are among the millions of
people who have applied for a position at the Washington Post, your personal fraud prevention measures
need to be on high alert. You pose a greater risk for phishing, which will ask
for personal information. Many times, phishing e-mails appear to come from a
reputable organization seeking identity verification
information, and ask for bank account information, credit card information,
passwords and ID numbers.

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