What is Verification as a Service (VaaS)?

Whats in a name? Well, a lot. How you refer to something or
what you call something can change perception and meaning. Often times, we need
to reevaluate what we call something
to help ensure the correct perception is being made. So here it isEVS is
proudly offering VaaS or Verification
as a Service. This is no different than our current online fraud
prevention solutions
, just a different way of presenting them so our clients,
industry, and future clients know that EVS offers a solution that is 100% SaaS or Software
as a service. Our data is held and transferred in the cloud and can be
completely implemented as an integrated or non-integrated way.

VaaS is simply a new way at looking at our advance
technology for verifying and authenticating an identity. EVS offers a one-call system that allows
our data to transfer to our clients in a way that simply the process to
identity and authenticate. EVS is now truly a VaaS provider in our market.

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